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Speedica emerged as a Thrash Metal band out of the ruins and
ashes of Heavy Metal coverband "Anger".
3 weeks later Speedica opened "Amateurpopfestival Bartok" in
Born facing a crowd of about 400 people.
Time stood still on this 5th october in the year 1986 AC.
At that time Thrash Metal was a still unknown musical movement
to both metalheads and common people.

The founders:  Pierre Heijdendael - Drums & Throat
                       Raymond Heijdendael - Bass
                       Raymond Crompvoets - Guitars

The other guitarplayer of "Anger" -who was among the crowd-
signed immediately after the show and the search for a good
vocalist began.

In May 1987 we recruted our singer because he was the only one
who applied for the job and because he proved to be a good
chess-player during the drinking tests at a local pub in Sittard
named: "De Suykerpot"

As Hans had a clear voice and we all loved singers with that kind
of throat ( like Flotsam and so on ) we returned more and more to
a melodic style Speed Metal with heavy uncommon riffs, breaks,
tempo changes and many twinsolo's.
So we started writing our own songs and in between we did
many gigs together with legendary bands like "Savage Grace",
"Flotsam & Jetsam", "Crimson Glory", "Vicious Rumours" and
"Laaz Rockit". Also less bigger bands but pretty well-known in
those days e.g. German "Deathrow", Dutch "Thanatos" and
"Kruiz" from Russia.

When we had enough songs to fill up an LP we all emptied our
banking accounts and vanished from earth.
With us, we abducted "rising star" Marcel "Peewee" Coenen,
who we asked to make a contribution by playing half of the
guitarsolo section, as we fired Raymond C. some months earlier.

Marcel agreed but he told us that he didn't want to be a member
of the band because he did't like those speedy, thrashy stuff, haha !
It took 14 days to record it all but meanwhile Marcel slowly
fell in love with our music and with a growing friendship, the fun
and joy it was now a little step towards a permanent stay.

When we reappeared in 1989 in Venlo
-crawling out of the "Iris Sound Production" Studios-
we were very proud to show our 24-tracks recordings, but
regrettably we had no more money left to produce some LP's.

For a start we released our most thrashy stuff on tape:
the "Voyage to the 5th Dimension" demo.
In 1989 this demo led to an invitation of "Berdu Records" to put
2 songs on their sampler. We took the offer, together with 6 other
most promising Dutch bands, but both songs sounded terrible
due to a bad final mix.

In late 1990 we also released our remaining songs on a 2nd tape:
the "Shadows of Tomorrow" demo.
In August/September 1991 this demo was awarded, out of hundreds
sent-in recordings, by the biggest European metalmagazine:
"Aardschok/Metal Hammer". They wondered why there hasn't been
a record company yet, bringing out this great music ?!?.

The songs of "Shadows of Tomorrow" were also broadcasted on
Dutch National radio ( Vara's Vuurwerk feat. Henk Westbroek )
and many other local radio stations. But Speedica kept unnoticed !!!
and the growing disappointment led to the firing of guitarplayer
"H.H.Hammerhead". He couldn't handle the band's
-in difficulty- evolving technical style any longer.

Gladly it took not long to find a new praiseworthy guitar player:
His name was Roger Gransier and he had been playing in the band
"Menacy", a gang we were friends with. With Roger we performed
very well but unfortunately the cooperation did not last long.
Roger had to move because of his job.

Again we were searching and ending up doing nothing:
We couldn't write....we couldn't perform....It was nearly impossible
without a second guitarist because we wrote our songs exclusively
for 2 guitars at that time; and if there's only one....?

After a few months I put forward the other guitar player of Menacy:
a powerful riff slasher. But Marcel C. refused: he preferred a 2nd
solo-virtuoso. And as you know such guys are a bit hard to find....

Well, as this all lasted too long, I kept myself to my promise:
"To quit also if Speedica had no decent replacement for H.H.
within 6 months". The reason for this statement was that Raymond
and I did not entirely agree with the decision to fire H.H. :
Henk had always been our best friend and he also had a leading role
in composing Speedica-songs too.

"Spike" from Belgium replaced me. After that I was startled when
they recruted Henri Hendrix still after I left the band. Henri was the
other Menacy guitarist !?!

In Summer 1992 the last founder of Speedica left the band.
My brother Raymond H. resigned as a member of what once had
been one of the most promising speedmetalbands of the Netherlands.

Ruud van Tuel replaced Raymond H. on bass and a few years
later Henri H. left the band in '94. With new member Vincent van
der Loo, Speedica also changed its name into "Form".

In 1998 on April 4th the original 5-piece line-up performed an
awesome reunion gig at the "Bachelor", a pub in the village "Ell".
It sold out with a nice 200 feasting headbangers.
Because of Speedica's 12,5 year birth-jubilee we celebrated it
with the release of the "Voyage" & "Shadows" recordings on CD:
the "Shadows of Tomorrow" CD.

The success of the above led to the outcome of a bootleg
"Speedica Live!" AND.... a second reunion gig 1 year later:

It was held in community centre "Ellerhof", again in Ell.
27th Nov. 1999 an audience of about 600 spectators
celebrated this final gig with again too much(os gracias) :
Limburgian Beer....; )