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Sound Garden

Bridge to the End                 (music: Pierre, instrumental)

Laws of Metal                        (music: Henk & Marcel, lyrics: Pierre)

Radiation Wastelands       (music: Pierre, lyrics: Pierre)

Haunted House                  (music: Henk & Raymond C., lyrics: Pierre)

Torture                               (music: Henk & Pierre, lyrics: Pierre)

Expulsion of Evil                (music: Pierre, lyrics: Pierre)

Lady Obsession                 (music: Henk & Pierre, lyrics: Pierre)

Fuckin' for Pleasure           (music: Henk & Raymond C., lyrics: *censored*)

Souls of Despair                 (music: Henk & Pierre, lyrics: Pierre)

Mind Liberty                      (music: Henk & Marcel, lyrics: Hans)

Instant Toxication              (music: Henk & Marcel, lyrics: Hans)

Violent Injector                  (music: Henk & Marcel, lyrics: Hans)